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Ads Spend ₹1,43,626.52

Revenue Generated ₹7,55,769.05

We Work On C3 Formula


Creative or ad design which may contain images as well as video is the first C in our C3 Formula. Everyone says data is the fuel but we believe creativity in the ad designs is the new fuel to bring quality attention.


A campaign is something anyone can make but finding the right objective and strategy and making a campaign accordingly that works and drives your result is not something easy and you can trust us on that.


A good number of conversions only comes when you put in the right efforts at the right time to get the right results and this is only done if you will choose the right people to bring you good conversions.

Generated 7.6X ROAS With C3 Formula


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why Choose us as your partner?

We help business owners and service providers to 3X their profits by creating the most powerful strategies for them through deep research and as per our experience in the best possible way on Meta and on ad campaigns.

Structured system & process

Structure systems are what give us the clarity to work and a roadmap to achieve the desirable results.

Design an effective funnel for your business

Top of the Funnel (Stage 1), Middle of the funnel (Stage 2) and bottom of the funnel (Stage 3) is what we plan when we start to work on our new projects. Through these funnels we plan our next moves as per different stages.

Result Driven Approach

Our strategies are always focused on achieving outcomes and achievement. We strive to make things happen with our efforts and actions.

what can we offer?

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook ads are tailored to specific customer demographics and targeted to users who would be interested in your products and services. With our help, you can maximize your return on investment by targeting prospects who have the proper purchase intent.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is your means of reaching your target market and inspiring them to take action. We assist you in harnessing the power of Instagram as a component of an effective digital strategy.

Ads Designing

We catch the attention of your target audience with aesthetically striking and highly optimized advertising that gets them to pause and ask, “What’s that?”

Ads Copywriting

We only create material that engages your target audience, arouses curiosity, stokes hostility, arouses emotions, and concisely summarises all of your product’s advantages.

Ads Scripting

We are always there for you when you need us since we are aware of your needs. Many people struggle with scripting, and as a result, are unable to leave a lasting impression on their intended audience. We write scripts for you and transform the shot into an advertisement or video that increases conversions by leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Remarketing Ads

By using remarketing advertisements, you can take advantage of the data that your registered consumers already have and make sure they see your ads on a variety of platforms

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